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Dyapol / Dyamul / Intratex

Auxiliaries for textile.
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Catálogo de Referencias:
Intratex AL
Anfoteric levelling agent for polyamide
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Ref: 4383     Color-Index: .
Dyapol WB-LSN
Dispersing agent for disperse dyes, Sodium naphthalene sulfonate.
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Ref: 4486     Color-Index: -
Dyapol BDN
Sequestring agent and acid buffer stable in opened machines , final PH 5
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Ref: 4516     Color-Index: -
Dyapol AB
Acid buffer,final PH 4.5
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Ref: 4522     Color-Index: -
Dyapol HWF
Oxydative agent.
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Ref: 4529     Color-Index: -
Dyapol CA-BD
Alkaline buffer/Sequestring agent for ABD Process.
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Ref: 4389     Color-Index: -
Dyamul HT-BD 200
Dispersing , levelling and emulsifying agent for polyester and blends dyeing, recommended in alkaline conditions
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Ref: 4545     Color-Index: -
Dyapol DEU 450
Dispersing , levelling and emulsifying agent for polyester and blends dyeing.
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Ref: 4410     Color-Index: -
Dyamul RCL
Auxiliary for reduction clearing with dithionite.
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Ref: 4397     Color-Index: -
Seriquest CM
Sequestering agent,polyacrylate phosphate.
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Ref: 8937     Color-Index: -
Dyamul CD-W conc
Wetting agent recommended for pad batch process with reactive dyes under strong alkaline conditions.
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Ref: 4498     Color-Index: -
Intralase A
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Ref: 8712     Color-Index: -
Dyamul DA
Levelling agent for direct dyes. auxiliary for stripping reactive dyes.
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Ref: 4407     Color-Index: -
Antifoam NS
Silcone free antifoam product.
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Ref: 8716     Color-Index: -
Estabilizador DS
Peroxide stabilizer for bleaching process.
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Ref: 8807     Color-Index: -
Intratex CW
improve clorine fastness of acid dyes on polyamide.
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Ref: 4628     Color-Index: -
Optinol MBF
Carrier for polyester.
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Ref: 4378     Color-Index: -
Patsoft 1220
softener for synthetic fibers.
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Ref: 4442     Color-Index: -
Intratex B
anionic leveling agent for polyamide fibers.
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Ref: 4625     Color-Index: -
Intraslide ADB
acid donor , final ph 4.5
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Ref: 4703     Color-Index: -
Dyapol WX liq
fixing agent/dispersing for polyamide and blends with cellulosics.
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Ref: 4494     Color-Index: -
Dyapol PAS
fixing agent for polyamide
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Ref: 4480     Color-Index: -
Serilube DAC
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Ref: 4302     Color-Index: -
Seriquench APB Conc
enzyme peroxide quencher
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Ref: 4413     Color-Index: -
Seriquest CAD
strong sequestrant agent under alkaline conditions
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Ref: 4320     Color-Index: -
Patsoft 1800
softener , fat amid no ionic
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Ref: 4422     Color-Index: -
dyamul OEN new
Detergent free of solvents APEO
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Ref: 4443     Color-Index: -
dyamul SN-MP
Detergent for scouring and dyeing
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Ref: 4387     Color-Index: -
dyamul MC
for cleaning dyeing machines.
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Ref: 4404     Color-Index: -
dyamul SLX
Low foaming detergent recommended for scouring fibers blended with lycra.
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Ref: 4396     Color-Index: -
Intrafix CR 200
fixing agent for direct and reactive dyes.
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Ref: 4356     Color-Index: -
Intratex CWR
Levelling agent for reactive dyes on wool.
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Ref: 4619     Color-Index: .

Ref: 4629     Color-Index: .
Intralite fast grey GLL 200%
Ref: 39830-200P     Color-Index: Direct Black 112

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